Navigating the World of Standard Searching

A standard, or a technical standard, in layman’s terms, can relate to fixed norms or requirements to implement or realize a product, process, system, etc. The basic idea behind standards is to maintain consistency throughout the globe when it comes to technical specifications for a particular technology.


Our client, a tech innovator, faced a daunting challenge in the form of a complex patent infringement lawsuit. Their flagship product was under threat, and their reputation was at stake. The potential financial losses were staggering.


Expertlancing, armed with a team of IP experts and legal professionals, entered the fray. We embarked on an exhaustive analysis of the contested patent, identifying prior art that invalidated the competitor's claims. We collaborated closely with our client's legal team to build a formidable defense strategy.

Furthermore, we provided expert witnesses to testify in court, bolstering the credibility of our client's position.

Business Impact:

1. Legal Triumph: Expertlancing's comprehensive support played a pivotal role in securing a legal victory for our client, saving them from potential losses exceeding $100 million.
2. Reputation Resilience: Our involvement helped our client maintain their reputation as an industry leader, vital for attracting new investors and partnerships. property portfolio. Additionally, internal IP processes were streamlined, enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Strategic IP Management: Post-litigation, our client adopted a more proactive approach to IP management. This resulted in a remarkable 15% increase in the valuation of their entire intellectual property portfolio. Additionally, internal IP processes were streamlined, enhancing operational efficiency.

How We Tackled It:

1. Standard Searching demands technical expertise, quick analysis, and a keen eye for hints. It's a crucial part of modern-day research projects and serves diverse clients, including law firms, corporations, and individual inventors. As you read this, somewhere in the world, a researcher is uncovering standard-related killer prior art.

2. At Expertlancing, our team has executed numerous standard searching projects, delivering valuable insights. Please reach out to us for more information and discover how we can assist you in navigating the world of standards.

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