Unleashing the Power of AI in Healthcare


A healthcare technology startup engaged Expertlancing to harness the full potential of their AI-based medical diagnostic tool. They needed guidance on navigating the complex world of patents and IP monetization.


Expertlancing initiated a comprehensive Technology Benchmarking analysis tailored to the healthcare and AI sectors. We not only benchmarked our client's IP against established players but also identified niche opportunities within emerging markets.

Our additional step involved creating a strategic IP roadmap, which outlined the best practices for IP protection and monetization.

Business Impact:

1. With our guidance, the startup was able to position itself as a key player in the AI healthcare sector.
2. Revenue Impact: In the first year following our engagement, the startup secured a significant investment of $5 million, directly attributed to the strategic monetization of their IP.

3. At Expertlancing, we don't just benchmark technology; we elevate it. Our expertise in Technology Benchmarking and IP monetization helps clients unlock the true potential of their intellectual property, leading to measurable business growth and increased revenue.

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