Elastocaloric Cooling: Pioneering Sustainability in the World of Cooling Technology

At the G20 Summit, the New Delhi Declaration shines a spotlight on the critical role of sustainability, raising poignant questions about the readiness of our technological advances to rise to the occasion. This declaration underscores the significance of sustainability, prompting a collective introspection into whether our current technological strides are truly equipped to tackle the challenges at hand. Within this commitment, G20 leaders have vowed to achieve carbon neutrality, envisioning a world of net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, signifying a resolute aim for 2050. In their pursuit, strategies such as...


World cup – IP

In a world where cricket debates can get hotter than a vindaloo curry, Virat Kohli is the soothing cucumber sandwich on the platter of chaos. So, raise your teacups, cricket fans, and let's all tip our hats to the 'Captain Cool,' the Zen master of cricket, Virat Kohli. Because when it comes to keeping his cool on the pitch, he's the undisputed king of 'Chill Cricket'!"


The future of telecom is here – 6G – what, where and how?

In the world of telecommunications, it is all about 5G right now but just around the corner is the revolutionizing 6G standard which is currently being developed. It is being called the 6G era and is anticipated around 2030. As of now, Verizon CTO Kyle Malady followed Ericsson’s chief technology officer (CTO) Erik Ekudden by saying, “I really don’t know what the hell 6G is.” Agreeably, no one clearly does, but news has begun to fly.

Case Study

Chess’s Knight forces a Checkmate and Leads to a Strong Prior-Art

As prior-art searchers, we perform complex prior-art searches everyday. But at times we stumble upon some cases that result in truly amazing experiences and takeaways. We performed an invalidation search on a European patent - the technology of the target patent was related to the motion vector prediction technique in the video’s encoding/ decoding domain.We started the invalidation search by thoroughly understanding the invention and the file history documents to deduce the novelty of the claimed invention.

Case Study

Don't ignore old documents in a prior-art search

Our team at ExpertLancing was assigned to work on an invalidation case related to the field of pulp and paper technology and the objective from the client was to find novelty-destroying prior-art, or at least art that can challenge the inventive step for a European subject patent. The patent was focused on a method of pulp production and comprised of 4 key steps. Before starting with the search, the understanding of an invention plays a crucial role in identifying relevant results.