Navigating the Future: 5 Key Transformative Trends Reshaping Healthcare in 2024

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, the industry is grappling with severe workforce shortages, financial pressures, and the urgent need to address health disparities. As we step into 2024, these challenges persist, driving healthcare organizations to seek innovative solutions. This blog will explore five pivotal healthcare technology trends set to make a significant impact. From artificial intelligence to virtual care, these trends aim to alleviate...


Driving Innovation: India's Pioneering Role in the Self-Driving Frontier

In the dynamic realm of Self-Driving Vehicle (SDV) technology, India emerges as a powerhouse, steering the course of autonomous transportation into uncharted territories. With Mathias Pillin, CTO of Bosch Mobility, acknowledging, "The digital life in India is more advanced than Europe," the nation assumes a central role in the evolution of SDVs. Bosch estimates a monumental growth in the automotive software market, set to reach ...


Revolutionizing the Plate: Networking trends in the Plant-Based Food and Beverage Industry

The plant-based food and beverage industry has seen a remarkable evolution, characterized by strategic collaborations, innovative investments, and strategic acquisitions among major players. These dynamic trends not only address the burgeoning global demand for plant-based products but also reflect a proactive response to changing consumer preferences.


Elastocaloric Cooling: Pioneering Sustainability in the World of Cooling Technology

At the G20 Summit, the New Delhi Declaration shines a spotlight on the critical role of sustainability, raising poignant questions about the readiness of our technological advances to rise to the occasion. This declaration underscores the significance of sustainability, prompting a collective introspection into whether our current technological strides are truly equipped to tackle the challenges at hand. Within this commitment, G20 leaders have vowed to achieve carbon neutrality, envisioning a world of net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, signifying a resolute aim for 2050. In their pursuit, strategies such as...

Case Study

Chess’s Knight forces a Checkmate and Leads to a Strong Prior-Art

As prior-art searchers, we perform complex prior-art searches everyday. But at times we stumble upon some cases that result in truly amazing experiences and takeaways. We performed an invalidation search on a European patent - the technology of the target patent was related to the motion vector prediction technique in the video’s encoding/ decoding domain.We started the invalidation search by thoroughly understanding the invention and the file history documents to deduce the novelty of the claimed invention.