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Validation Check

Validation/ Strength Check for a SEP or hi-tech patent holds prime importance before opting for litigation suit filing.
  • In addition to standard class and keyword methods, we delve into literature by key inventors and assignees in both patent and non-patent domains.
  • We also investigate relevant Japanese patent art, including related F-Terms (Japanese native classes).
  • If traditional methods yield limited results, we conduct unrestricted searches to gather leads involving potential inventors, assignees, or classes.

Opposition Grade Search

It carries two aspects – the first aspect is a rush demand for potential evidences from the client having short time left for filing an opposition.
The other is more crucial – which we often term as ‘Second-opinion’ search. It comes into role when the first opposition filed by the client or any other third party failed to invalidate/ revoke the target patent.
  • For an opposition grade analysis – we have attained special success through our in-depth knowledge of patent laws and making strong technical/ logical arguments for the cases that improves the efficacy of the shared evidences (patent/ non-patent).
  • Beside the published evidences – we are quite handy in forming logical solution using Art 54(3) art – which requires perfectly analysis of the priority documents to prove substantial support for overlap.

SEP Portfolio Assessment

This is a primary screening process, wherein we provide: Essentiality analysis over a set of patents shared by the client.
Also, many a times – the client just shares a target corporate and the specific target technology (4G, 5G, AV1, VP9, AAC, MPEG, Matter IoT) with us and thereafter we identify and categorize the target portfolio accordingly.
  • Such study comprises the broadest claim considered, the relevant standards identified, infringing section of such standards and comments on how they logically tend to overlap with the claimed elements.
  • Afterwards, we finally provide a comment on essentially (Yes/ No) with proper analyst reasoning (in case of NO – the claimed elements that could not be located in any of the standards will be mentioned).

SEP Claim Chart

SEP level claim charts are the main anchor of our hi-tech services.
  • In one our challenges over Matter Standard (IoT connectivity) portfolio, we found it difficult to claim chart the identified patents against the Matter standard specifications (as the text in Matter is very short and not that elaborative).
  • To solve the riddle, we scrutinized through the programs (source codes written in the Matter specs) to build a logical mapping. Eventually, it paid off when we got the appreciation from the client over our experiments/ imagination.

Next Generation Standard Feasibility

This is a customized service which we have excelled so far for multiple clients.
The main intent here to check feasibility of a set of patents (shared by client) over the next generation technology (e.g., 5G/ NR) which already have been mapped over a specific technology (e.g., 4G). If feasible, then all such 5G standards and their infringing sections are mentioned.
  • While working on a recent such case, we achieved a milestone of checking essentiality of over 120+ patents over 5G in around 100 hours (even less than 1 hour per patent).

Standards we have been involved with

  1. IEEE

  2. 3GPP

  3. ETSI

  4. ANSI

  5. SAE



  8. ITU

  9. MIPI

  10. IETF

  11. MATTER

  12. IEC

  13. MPEG


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