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With patents and other IP assets becoming a thriving income source for large corporates as well as SMEs, it's time to shift your revenue model to include the aspect of licensing.

We have a diverse range of patent licensing/monetization services.

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Patent Portfolio Analysis

This involves SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of a patent portfolio belonging to a specific assignee or technology domain. The prime aim is to locate the gem patents that could be highly sellable (having high licensing potential).
  • In addition to the generic portfolio analysis, we also tend to provide litigation assistance data or score to our clients. If a highly relevant patent in his portfolio seems similar to a recently litigated patent – then such patent holds a high litigation score and hence, good scope of licensing.

Patent Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization or patent pruning holds a special demand when it comes to saving costs for maintaining the patent portfolio. Often, different business process such as mergers, acquisitions or currently profitable business strategy may require optimizing/ reshaping your patent portfolio.
  • Beside the generic process for portfolio assessment, for patent pruning – we also consider invalidity risk of patent. If a patent has high chances of getting invalidated (having broader claim construction), then it should be pruned either to save the maintenance cost of portfolio.
  • For the unused patents of a portfolio, we tend to propose our clients a set of potential licensees who may be seeking license for such patents.

Infringement Search

The root cause of an infringement search directs towards sending a licensing proposal by a licensor to the potential licensees or filing an infringement (patent litigation) law suit against them.
  • Beside the basic product search, we tend to deep-dive and perform reverse engineering, source-code analysis etc. and locate hidden product features to confirm infringement.

Evidence of Use Claim Charts

This service aspect demands high level of technical as well as imagination skills.
  • In addition to logical product feature mapping over the infringed claim elements, we tend to also use reverse engineering methods, source-code analysis etc. to showcase the most credible EoU charting.

Patent infringement Monitoring

This service if properly harnessed could initiate new sources of revenue for patent holders. Regular monitoring of new potential infringers beside the previous ones – could help to effectively utilize and maintain your patent portfolio.
  • We keep a regular check of opposition/ litigation activities for a specific technology which helps us to identify all the infringers over litigated technologies. Thereafter, we check the similarity between the litigated patent and a high ranked patent belonging to our client. If good level of similarity is found, then we suggest our client to explore the licensing aspect with such infringers.

Patent due Diligence

It is basically the patent portfolio assessment of a target company or self-portfolio study with the objective to strike a business sale or licensing deal.
  • Beside performing due diligence in case of merge and acquisition (M&A) or litigation scenario, we also advise our clients to carry out a due diligence study on their own portfolio to assert later against their competitors that might sue them in the future. This involves developing a set of ‘On the Shelf’ patents that could be effective countered against the competitors.

Patent Acquisition

This is logically the most crucial patent study in the IP arena. When any company feels the urge to acquire a set of patents, the process involves a refined level of understanding of products under radar, patent set categorization (HML analysis) and then preparing logical EoU charts of most relevant patents.
  • Before preparing the EoU for the high ranked patents, we first confirm it with our clients. If they agree, then only we proceed with EoU.
  • Also, after sharing the best possible EoU and getting client’s acceptance on the acquisition output – we tend to pitch Validity Check option to the client – so that an actual strength of such patents could be estimated in view of existing prior art.

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