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SEP (Standard Essential Patent) constitutes the core of our technical expertise.

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Validation Check

Ensuring the validity and strength of a Standard Essential Patent (SEP) or a high-tech patent is crucial before considering a lawsuit. Beyond the traditional class and keyword-based approach, we also investigate the work of significant inventors or assignees in both the patent and non-patent domains.

SEP Portfolio Assessment

In many cases, the client simply shares the target company and the specific target technology (such as 4G, 5G, AV1, VP9, AAC, MPEG, Matter IoT) with us. We then proceed to identify and categorize the target portfolio accordingly.

SEP Claim Chart

SEP level claim charts serve as the cornerstone of our advanced technology services. It is used to demonstrate how the claims of a specific patent correspond to the technical specifications or requirements of a particular industry standard. These charts are used to illustrate the alleged infringement or the essentiality of the patent in question.

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